UNHCR in Italy works with other partners to provide information to new arrivals in southern Italy and to ensure that asylum-seekers and persons with special needs are referred to the relevant administrative procedures and reception structures.

UNHCR monitors reception conditions with a view to making suggestions for improvements to the management of centres and the regional and local authorities. In order to contribute to the quality of refugee status determination, UNHCR participates in the national refugee status determination procedure, in the Territorial Commissions and, in an advisory capacity, in the National Commission, as a means of maintaining high protection standards and building the capacity of state actors, while at the same time, advocating for improvements and quality control.

Moreover, UNHCR works to raise awareness of asylum and refugee issues through sensitization activities, organization and participation at events and meetings, media relations, promotion of contents for web and social media and other communication channels, production of materials and campaigns. Coordination with institutions, other UN agencies, universities, associations and other relevant actors is another crucial activity of the Agency.