UNHCR supports the Portuguese Government in ensuring access of asylum seekers to a fair and effective asylum procedure, contributing to improve its quality and efficiency, aiming at the continuous development and strengthening of the national legal framework and policy.

UNHCR, in close co-operation and partnership with Implementing Partner, the Portuguese Refugee Council (CPR) advocates for and addresses these objectives through advocacy, high-level meetings, networking, capacity-building, awareness raising and public information, but also through the expansion of reception conditions and the support provided to asylum seekers and refugees in Portugal by the various services of CPR.

For more information, please visit www.cpr.pt

Since September 2018, UNHCR deployed an Associate Resettlement Officer and a Senior Protection Assistant to Lisbon:

Elzbieta Gorska

Associate Resettlement Officer

E-mail: gorska@unhcr.org

Tel. +351 968195086

Ana Sofia Barros

Senior Protection Assistant

E-mail: barrosa@unhcr.org

Tel. +351 910391681