Internships at UNHCR are on an on-going basis and are offered throughout the year, depending on the availability of meaningful assignments and the needs and capacity of units/offices to receive and supervise Interns.

Please note that there is no expectation of employment at the end of the internship. Interns are not eligible to apply for staff positions within UNHCR during the period of internship and for the six months immediately following the internship expiration date. However, no break after the internship is required should an Intern be willing to apply for an assignment on an affiliated workforce contract (UNHCR Individual Consultant/Contractor, UNOPS Individual Contractor Agreement).

• Are you eligible to apply?

You may become an Intern at UNHCR if you have recently completed or you are still enrolled in a degree programme at a university level at the time of application and throughout the internship.

What will you learn?

Thanks to the internship programme you will gain practical work experience related to your academic interests, while at the same time providing UNHCR offices with assistance in their daily work. Depending on your qualifications and interests, you may decide to apply for an internship in the Protection/Legal, PI/Communication or Admin/Finance/Programme/HR sections.

• What is the duration of the internship? 

Internships may be either on a full-time or a part-time basis. They normally last three months with possibility of extension up to a six-month period.

• Is the internship paid?

Internships are not remunerated. Accommodation, travel, visas and living costs are the responsibility of Interns or their sponsoring institutions.

• How can you apply?

Go to the Current Vacancies section.